If you can't find it - ask!


Come for lunch or to peruse our range of international products and gorgeous charcuterie section packed with cured meats and cheeses, but leave with a few essentials along the way. Decatur Market's eclectic mix of offerings will be cultivated by working closely with the most knowledgable buyers - you


Craft Beer + Wine

local Georgia brews + international wines 

Each bottle tells a unique story just like each drink brings a new friend, find both at Decatur Market

Gourmet Cheese + Charcuterie

Build a cheese plate worth capturing 

Select from gooey French bries and sweet American honeys to plate with fresh nuts and, of course, salty salamis 

Deli + Prepared Foods

made-to-order sandwiches 

Layered veggies high on rye, slathered with aioli or a beefy sub with pickles and spicy mustard will be ready to fix any appetite


In-Season Produce - coming soon!

organic, local + fresh

Carefully sourced to ensure each fruit and vegetable is in-season and ripe for crisp flavor and bright color